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CASTOR OIL (Ricinus communis)

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To look (wrinkles), relieves cysts to look, eyelash tonic, hair split ends.

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For eyes (wrinkles), relieves the cysts in the eyes, tonic for eyelashes, hair split ends. Traditionally used as "pharmaceutical" oil from the time of Ancient Egypt. To Castor oil is particularly rich in Omega-9 fatty acids called Ricinoleic Acids (content of 85-95%). These acids exhibit remarkable anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and therefore, in recent years, castor oil has been very popular for treating serious skin conditions such e.g. It is acne. In addition, castor oil is a first order moisturizer as it has the ability to "trap" the moisture of the skin, preventing dehydration and premature aging thereof.

According to some reports, the Castor oil is said to help increase hair growth. The Castor oil can be used in many cosmetic products such as soaps, lotion, lip balms, moisturizing creams and hair care products. Prefer the care of dry, damaged and irritated skin.